Do you want an alternative but budget-friendly power source? Who wouldn’t? Especially that most Electric company lately are raising their rates at a tremendous amount. It’s tiring to depend on them when you can make your own. You don’t have to worry because you’re in great hands! In this article, I’ll tell you what you will need and guide you a step-by-step process on how to assemble your own solar power generator!

What is a Solar Power Generator?

Some of you might wonder, what exactly is a solar power generator and what does it do? Well, a solar power generator is a great alternative for a power source. It uses the sun to collect energy or to generate voltage for you to use later and power up your machines and appliances. Amazing right? That’s why people are starting to use this alternative way than the usual energy supply from companies because the solar power generator is long term and pocket-friendly!

What Will I Need and How Much Would They Probably Cost?

  • 18650 Batteries (45-150 pesos each)
  • Battery Trays (5-6 pesos each)
  • Digital Battery Capacity Controller (246 pesos)
  • Solar Charger Controller ( 275 pesos)
  • 50 watts Solar Panel (1750 pesos)
  • 400 watts Power Inverter (1750 pesos)
  • Electrical wires Gauges 14, 12, 10(650 all)

Above are listed the things that you will need in assembling a solar power generator. However, it’s important to take note that the tools should be already owned by you so they wouldn’t add up to the cost. Also, take note that the price above is only an estimated cost of the materials. Keep reading and in the next part we’ll be diving in on how to assemble them!

How to Assemble A Solar Power Generator?

1. Assemble battery packs by putting the 18650 lithium batteries into the battery tray. The battery should be standing and the tray should be filled with 24 pieces 18650 lithium batteries. Make sure that the positive sides are above the other batteries. Then put the other tray above all the batteries to intact them.

2. Add soldering paste to the metals of the batteries.

3. Ready the electrical wires of gauge 14 and 12. Peel off the wires using a stencil cutter. The gauge 12 wire should be 17 inches long and make sure that you have two 17 inches long gauge 12 wire. Combine the two gauge 12 wires using a portable drill. Form it like a rectangle with a tail and put it above the battery tray like in the picture.

4. Now, use the gauge 14 wire to connect the battery metals to the gauge 12 wire. Use a soldering iron.

5. Do the number 2-4 process to both sides of the battery tray (bottom and top).

6. Cover the wires and metals with electric tape for safety. Then create 2 of these more.

7. Connect them according to the picture below to check the battery packs.

8. Combine the 3 battery packs into series. Connect the negative side of the first battery to the positive side of the second battery pack, connect the negative side of the second battery pack to the positive side of the third battery pack, and so on. This will make the 3 battery packs as one.

9. Connect the batteries to a solar charger according to the picture below.

10. Connect the 50 watts solar panel to the solar charger. After this, you can finally use the solar panel to charge the batteries.

11. Get a power inverter and connect it to the DC only wire. This is for you to finally use the power for your machines and appliances because this will hold the bigger volts.

So that’s it, the solar power generator is now finished and can be used in your home!

Solar power generators are great because of their free power from the sun, low maintenance cost, and its clean and quiet operation. But remember that solar power generator is limited and you can’t use it with all the appliances for an entire day. Don’t forget to make sure that you’re using the solar power generator safely and responsibly.

Credits to Romeo Pantino Youtube Channel for ideas and some images captured from his youtube video.

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