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Mayor Isko Moreno, the mayor of Manila, is known to be a very competitive and responsible mayor and one of his plans is to pursue the use of renewable energy in the city’s public school. During a meeting with members of the Manila City School Board at the Manila City Hall, Moreno explained his environmental plan for the city’s schools, which is the installation of solar panels and rainwater collectors on the rooftops of school buildings and asked the board to come up with a proposal about this. Reported by Inquirer.Net

The use of solar energy is advisable to use everywhere even in your own home. By using solar energy as our source of electricity we are decreasing the dependence on the increasing and volatile prices of fossil fuels because solar energy is the most environment-friendly energy solution. Your investment in Solar power equipment will result in millions of pesos in additional revenue for the government. Using solar energy would be very efficient and one of the ways to achieve economic development while protecting the environment.

Moreno mentioned the critical water level in some dams in the country–“Nowadays, we’re having challenges with our water in our dams… mayroon naman tayong pag-ulan, but we are still in below comfortable water level in our dams” his plan to help the community is for the board to come up with engineering works on utilizing rainwater for the school’s comfortable rooms and instead of using water from the faucet to water the plants the school could just use the collected rainwater.

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“The special education fund is there, it may not be enough but it’s there,” –Moreno admitted that the fund they already have may not be enough because Manila is a very wide place with several public schools, and Moreno added, “What we are trying to do is to create a direction,”.

His plan was to encourage the board to come up with environmental projects and programs that harness renewable energy because he believes that other than this would help the environment this would also save a huge amount of budget in a long term. One of his goals is to also show the children the value of our environment and Moreno believes that if they saw facilities like this as they grow up, they would also know how to take care of the environment and maybe soon, if they are given an opportunity, they would also do the same.

Mayor Isko’s plan is very ideal especially when we consider the situation of our environment. Although this project would cost a lot it would still be a great investment because it would minimize the cost of electric and water bills of the schools and the savings could be used for the other projects of improving the school or the community.

Hopefully, this project would be implemented soon since it would be a great influence or inspire not just the other local governments but also companies and individuals to do the same.

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